# Introduction

# What is vuescroll

Vuescroll is a customizable scrollbar plugin based on Vue.js. It has two modes:

  • Native: For PC , it supports basic custom scrollbars.
  • Slide: Suitable for mobile terminal, supporting push-to-load, pull-to-refresh, carousel, etc.

However, this doesn't mean that the slide mode can only be used on the mobile side, just because the mobile side is more compatible with the slide mode.

# Why I created vuescroll

  • Firstly, I think other scrollbar plugins' abilities are too simple, some others even don't support horizontal scrolling.

  • Secondly, I think other scrollbar plugins's functions are too unitary, like iscroll, I want to make a more comprehensive scrollbar plugin. That is to say, a scrollbar plugin that not only supports customizing scrollbar, but also has abilities to push-to-load and pull-to-refresh, detect size changes of content, smooth-scroll etc.

# Feature

# Base Features

# Other Features

# What else am I creating ?

  • magic-scroll has the similar functions with vuescroll, but it's a customize scrollbar based on React.
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