Vuescroll - A customizable scrollbar plugin based on vue.js for PC and mobile phone

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Full customizable, you can customizable scrollbar, rail, scroll button and so on

Pull-to-refresh and push-to-load

Support pull-to-refresh and push-to-load and you can also customize their animations.


Vuescroll supports smooth-scroll, you can scroll smoothly on Vue.js!

Carousel supported

Vuescroll supports carousel, no complex option, just wrap the content and you can have your own carousel component!

# A simple example

import Vue from "vue";
import vuescroll from "vuescroll/dist/vuescroll-native";
// import the css file 
import "vuescroll/dist/vuescroll.css";

  <div class="demo-container">
    <vue-scroll :ops="ops">
      <div class="demo-content">
        <span class="demo-content-text">Hello World</span>
export default {
  data() {
    return {
      ops: {} // Your options

# Preview

Hello Vuescroll! You're at the bottom.